Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frosty the BIG eyed snowman....

Today Ethan and I tackled a snowman. Well, because we live in central California and it's a sunny 68 degrees! We made one out of paper. lol
First, I pre-cut all the shapes. Make sure you go over those shapes and colors while your child glues them down. It's the educational part. ;) Then I allowed Ethan to choose all the buttons (any color) he wanted. Surprisingly, he only choose 3.
Then, because Ethan is in fact obsessed with all things McQueen he choose this fabric for the scarf. I had pretty felt but nope- McQueen wins! Then he glued big blobs of glue for each shape and buttons.
We also used white paint for snow, but it didn't show up as well.The finished masterpiece!!Super simple. Super cute. Well, I think so. haha!
Supplies used:
card stock (blue, black, white and orange)
google eyes
fabric/felt (your own choice)
white paint
Have fun making your own frosty!!
Ethan and Veronica

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  1. Too cute! And wasn't it a NICE day today??? I loved it. Saylor and I played outside on the swings and took a little walk.