Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy January!

I'm finally feeling better. We came back from L.A with colds. Lovely. :) Aside from the colds, it was a nice 2 week vacation. We went to Disneyland, a train museum and La Brea Tar Pits (we called it the "Ice Age museum"). It was very nice to get away from the valley.
Albert went back to work today. Ethan cried this morning asking for daddy. Broke my heart. He kept saying he couldn't find him. I had to lay it down gently, "daddy had to go back to work, vacation is over." Then he cried big crocodile tears. Ay. That boy!

We are back to the old routine. Back to the piles of laundry, cooking, cleaning, crafting and teaching. :)
Ethan has become infatuated with all things snow. I have no idea when this happened. So, this week my focus is snow, winter, and snowmen.
I decided on a simple activity. Shaving cream-snowmen. I'm trying to ease into the routine myself. I have projects due as well. So I thought this was the perfect activity. Ethan was a bit confused. At first he said, "oh, yum..." I had to explain it was not whipped cream. lol Once he got over the fact that shaving cream is messy, he let loose and had a blast. He immediately asked if his cars could play in the snow too.
It entertained him for about an hour. Cars in a snow blizzard!! Fun!Supplies:
$1 can of shaving cream
cardboard carton (from water bottles) or on a craft table.
toys, measuring spoons, cups.

This is ooodles of fun!
Veronica & Ethan


  1. Oh how cute. Hmmm, I wonder if Saylor would like it... {as I look at her pick something off of her pajamas}. lol She doesn't like stickers, marshmallows, anything sticky or messy {yet}. But I'm gonna try it just to get a laugh. :)

  2. Haha Ethan is the exact same way. he just started liking stickers and hand stamps.

    He still hates marshmellows, being wet, dirty...but I kept a towel on his lap and he was better that way! hahah

  3. I just wanna say thank you for sharinh this wonderful idea!!!
    I have done it with my 3 years old little traveler and he simply loved it. And well, I confess, me too. I've posted it on my blog, linking to yours, I hope you don't mind. here is the post
    I love your blog!!

    P.S My blog is in italian but if you want you can read it in english just clicking on the flag in the top.