Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy BEE......

Ethan is fascinated with bees at the moment. On Tuesday, we bought him a plastic bee from the Target dollar spot. He buzzes around from room to room with this dollar toy. I thought I would make a lesson from this new toy.
So, I decided to focus on bees for our circle time story. I've been teaching Ethan phonics this week. It was nice to have a break from letters. ;) We started the day with this book:

I love the buzzing sound at the end of the story. We had a quick discussion about "honey" which prompted our science/art project. HONEY! Well, not real honey, "pretend kind".
Because money is very tight around here (saving for our first home). We always find/buy the cheapest supplies. Walmart and Dollar Tree are the best places for said supplies.
  • Warm water
  • Borax
  • Glue (Elmer's)
  • Food Coloring-yellow
I always allow Ethan to help pour, scoop or mix ingredients. "Hands on" is key around here!


Mixture 1

  • 3/4 warm water
  • 1 cup glue
  • yellow food coloring

Mixture 2

  • 2 tsp Borax
  • 1/2 warm water

Mix separately. Then, mix- mixture 1 into 2. Allow your child to play:Have fun!! Have a great weekend friends!


Veronica & Ethan

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Lately, I've had a crazy burst of energy to organize and clean everything. Spring makes me want to get rid of the old and clean like a mad woman. I hate clutter. Just ask my hubby, he will tell you, I de-clutter all the time. My motto: You don't use it- YOU LOSE it! I will throw away anything old, or broken or I donate the re-usable. I must have things organized. So, I attacked Ethan's room.
Everything has a place in his room. I was tired of him saying he couldn't find (fill in the blank). So, I placed all his favorite books in a basket & filled his book shelf. I also placed his favorite toys at eye level out of bins.

Then I labeled EVERYTHING! Ha! I grabbed my camera and took pics of all his toys. I labeled each clear bin with a picture and title.
I have his room set up like a pre-school. He has his bed in a corner. I have Circle time with him daily. We go over the calendar, colors, shapes, we read a story and then we play. I usually let him free play and then we make art. Most educational toys are out of the closet.
I attacked every bin! His closet is jam packed with toys. Plenty of pretend wooded food, blocks and cars. I keep these out of sight, because these are his "free play" toys. :) On to the next room......
Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm back!

Wow. How many days have I been MIA?

Please hold me accountable. :)

I take Ethan to this wonderful store here in Clovis called Professor Toy. Lately I have been buying him flashcards. I have always studied with flashcards and Ethan seems to love them as well. I use this as one of the many teaching tools. This last time we bought some sight word. Just teaching him phonics at the time. He has most sounds down, but occasionally he confuses "s" for "c". Totally normal. I absolutely love that this store has a huge Thomas the train table set up in the back. Ethan can play for hours. Unfortunately I get bored and allow 30-40 min. :) He has a pretty good imagination. I think a huge part of it comes from being an only child.
Either way, if you live in town, this store is a MUST. It carries every single subject, for all ages. It also has a wide selection of wooden toys. I LOVE wooden toys.

xoxo, veronica & ethan

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going Marbles!

Ethan and I had loads of fun with this project. At one point, he got paint on his hands and instinct told him to lick it off like frosting. hahah It was funny! You had to be here. I wiped his mouth and he was good to go.
Supplies Needed:
White card stock
Red & white paint
Marbles (different sizes)
Box or cookie sheet
I cut a heart from card stock, squeezed some paint in a bowl, added the marbles and Ethan picked one up at a time. He thought that was too messy so he decided to dump the marbles into the box.
He kept pretending the marbles were racing! Fun!!
Cute, fast and fun!!

Have fun creating!


Veronica & Ethan

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy February!

Wow, another month gone. I have the prefect project for Valentine's day. I thought this was easy and fun. Ethan loves paint so, this was perfect.
Supplies Needed:
Red & white paint
White card stock

First, I painted Ethan's hand with red paint and stamped it on a white piece of paper. I made sure to clean his hand before I painted his other hand, to avoid mess. Then I
drew a heart..haha if you can call it that!
Next, I gave Ethan another piece of paper and allowed him to paint hearts. I talked about the science of mixing two colors. Red + White = Pink! He was so fascinated by this concept!
Have fun!
Veronica & Ethan

Saturday, January 24, 2009



So sorry to neglect this blog...ugh. Sometimes life gets in the way. We spent our week at a book boutique, reading books, playing games, and hanging out with friends.

So, next week I'm in L.A for CHA. I told you I was a crafty nerd. heheh I am attending the Craft & Hobby Association convention in Anaheim. I'm super excited!! I will be back on THURSDAY with more fact there will be a countdown to Valentines! 12 fun (kid) crafts for Valentines. If you (the mama) need some Valentine inspiration now, no worries.... please visit my blog here. That should help out! *wink*

Thanks so much for stopping by! Mark those calendars...Jan 29th!

See you soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Maracas!! Cha-cha-cha!

I found this cute project for maracas. It was perfect for today: Read 'Em and Leap.
Here is our version:
Supplies needed:
Red paint
Red glitter
White paper stars
Empty container (we used a play dough container)
Pictures of President Obama
After it dries, you tape the container all around....
Allow your child to play and dance with their new Baracka-maraca!!