Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm back!

Wow. How many days have I been MIA?

Please hold me accountable. :)

I take Ethan to this wonderful store here in Clovis called Professor Toy. Lately I have been buying him flashcards. I have always studied with flashcards and Ethan seems to love them as well. I use this as one of the many teaching tools. This last time we bought some sight word. Just teaching him phonics at the time. He has most sounds down, but occasionally he confuses "s" for "c". Totally normal. I absolutely love that this store has a huge Thomas the train table set up in the back. Ethan can play for hours. Unfortunately I get bored and allow 30-40 min. :) He has a pretty good imagination. I think a huge part of it comes from being an only child.
Either way, if you live in town, this store is a MUST. It carries every single subject, for all ages. It also has a wide selection of wooden toys. I LOVE wooden toys.

xoxo, veronica & ethan

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  1. I live in this town and I have been there, but only ran in and out, looking for something. Guess I should go back?? I was at Subway a few weeks ago, and Saylor was playing around with a little girl who was there with her grandma. She also gushed about that store, and apparently they were just taking a lunch break and then going back to play!!