Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Lately, I've had a crazy burst of energy to organize and clean everything. Spring makes me want to get rid of the old and clean like a mad woman. I hate clutter. Just ask my hubby, he will tell you, I de-clutter all the time. My motto: You don't use it- YOU LOSE it! I will throw away anything old, or broken or I donate the re-usable. I must have things organized. So, I attacked Ethan's room.
Everything has a place in his room. I was tired of him saying he couldn't find (fill in the blank). So, I placed all his favorite books in a basket & filled his book shelf. I also placed his favorite toys at eye level out of bins.

Then I labeled EVERYTHING! Ha! I grabbed my camera and took pics of all his toys. I labeled each clear bin with a picture and title.
I have his room set up like a pre-school. He has his bed in a corner. I have Circle time with him daily. We go over the calendar, colors, shapes, we read a story and then we play. I usually let him free play and then we make art. Most educational toys are out of the closet.
I attacked every bin! His closet is jam packed with toys. Plenty of pretend wooded food, blocks and cars. I keep these out of sight, because these are his "free play" toys. :) On to the next room......
Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the pictures on the bins...great idea!!