Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Spying Binoculars

Lately, Ethan has been obsessed with binoculars & telescopes. We collect paper towel tubes because he loves to pretend that they're telescopes. So, we decided to make Santa spying binoculars today. He is really excited about Santa coming to visit, this craft was perfect.

Supplies used:
2 toilet paper tubes
clear packaging tape
Crop-a-dile (hole punch)
Christmas foam stickers (dollar tree bag)

Ethan LOVED this project so much. He colored the tubes after I taped them together. Then he carefully applied stickers where ever he pleased. I punched 2 holes on each side & tied the ribbon. Viola! He is ready to spy on Santa. :)


  1. Thanks for a wonderful idea! I have saved our empty rolls and didnt understand why. Now I can make these with my kids. TFS!

  2. oh my gosh you guys are too cute! i love that boy