Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Ornament

Need a quick project while waiting for Santa? Ethan and I made a wreath ornament.
I traced and cut a circle (I used my mug). Then I cut the circle & cut a smaller one in the middle. Doesn't need to be perfectly centered.

I cut "leaves" out of the felt. I let Ethan practice cutting on paper while I cut the leaves. Felt was too tough for him. I showed him once where to glue and let him go at it!
I gave him a small bottle of glue and let him glue the leaves and buttons. *No worries, expect a blobby mess* :)
Supplies used:
green felt
cardboard (save your cereal boxes)
Later, I punched a hole and tied a ribbon. *If you plan on saving it, don't forget to write your child's name and year! :) Perfection!
Merry Christmas!!

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